May 18, 2008

New 6-Traits Board Game From NWREL

Pirates, Treasure, Adventure, and …Word Choice?

Your students will love learning about the traits of good writing as they sail the high seas in this action-packed, pirate-themed board game. Doubloon Island: The Traits of Good Writing Board Game is the fun way to teach students about the six traits and how they contribute to good writing.

  • Accommodates two to eight players
  • Can be played in 40 minutes
  • Easy to learn, fun to play
  • Helps build vocabulary
  • Teaches kids fun facts about oceanography, geography, and pirates
  • Game is set up so teachers can develop their own questions and game cards
  • Applicable for grades five through nine (three through four with adult assistance)
Available from the NWREL At:

1 comment:

Barbara L Palmer said...

It would be a great game to use with the Reading Specialist on my team as a cross-curricular activity when she reads Treasure Island. I could even have the students write a short paragraph about a character from Treasure Island and use some of the new words they learned from the game board. Just a thought. I also liked the comment from the one teacher who said it "could be easily customized to fit other content."

Barbara L Palmer
Sewickley, PA