August 29, 2016

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SEPTEMBER'S WRITING LESSON:  I had a lot of interest in the lesson of the month when I summarized it last month, so I worked hard to post it a few days early this month.  As school picture day looms or is still fresh in their memories, you might want to capitalize on making a great story using this month's The Worst Picture Day Ever lesson and writing challenge! 
Other goings-on at the website to take note of this September:
  1. For the past two years we've celebrated September as "Writer's Notebook Month" here at Always Write. We are doing it again this year; after all, this is the time of year you want to teach your students to LOVE their notebooks and to look forward to visiting them daily during Sacred Writing Time.  If you successfully do this, we invite you to enter our Writer's Notebook Metaphor Contest--now in its third year!  Four student-made metaphors will be chosen as "victorious," and they will be used to inspire a new poem about writer's notebook that I will write and post.  Look at the past two years' examples using the link!  We'd love to have original metaphors from really young writers as well as the older ones this year.  Those metaphors will happen if you're rolling out your writer's notebook routine well!
  2. September's Writer's Notebook Bingo Card has one of our favorite "center-square" lessons for helping students learn to create interesting pages for their writer's notebooks.  You can preview/use the September Bingo Card (and its center-square lesson) here.  Click on the link in the center of the September card to access the lesson called "Alpha-Genres."
  3. September 1-15's Sacred Writing Time Slides are available for preview as well.  The preview slides actually started back on August 15, but I know some of your school years have just started.  Try out our Sacred Writing Time Slides with your student writers; there is a reason why the resource is our #1 best-seller!
  4. Remember, all past Lessons of the Month are archived at the Always Write website.  Click here to see this month's as well as the past forty-eight months' worth.   You can also preview the mentor texts that will be used to inspire the rest of the lessons for 2016 that are coming!

I hope you're all having a great start to the year.  It's so important during the first month or two of instruction to build a positive atmosphere for writers of all ability levels.  All of our lessons at Always Write are designed to help you do that. 
--Corbett (and Dena) Harrison -- Always Write and WritingFix 
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August 21, 2016

Back to School with Great Materials from Corbett Harrison

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Corbett Harrison:

Dear teachers, writers, and friends,
I've been scrambling to get our two new products from this summer posted at Teachers Pay Teachers in time for their big sale on Monday.  As with all our new products each summer, we like to offer them at a bargain price before they go full price.  Here's an update on new products that will be 10% off on Monday at our Teachers Pay Teachers Store!
  • Our Monday Pun-Day materials are completely ready to go, including access to this accompanying resource page we've posted at Always Write; the website contains links to some of our most enjoyable (and completely complimentary!) "word play" assignments.  On Monday, they'll be available for 10% off.
  • Our new Sophisticated Sentence materials are--sadly--not quite there yet, but they will be ready before August is over.  If you want a sneak peak of this product, you can still access these two sets of materials from Always Write that we shared in Texas in July: Session 1 & Session 2.  If you were planning to purchase this new resource, email me (, and I will send you the first three lessons early on this week so you can get started, and I'll make sure you get emailed when the full product is first posted with its preliminary discount price at TPT.   I apologize for the delay, but my University asked me to teach a new online course this September, and it has bogged me down a bit!  Thanks for understanding.
Also on sale this Monday at TPT for 10% off:
We sell products like the ones above to pay the fees it takes to keep Always Write and WritingFix online and clear of advertisements. I'd like to point out that we also feature some pretty great complimentary resources at Teachers Pay Teachers too.  Here are four of my personal favorites:
Enjoy your weekend!  If you're a bargain hunter, don't miss out on Monday's sale at TPT!
--Corbett (& Dena) Harrison -- Always Write

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