September 12, 2009

Writing fix: Sentence Fluency Homepage

    • The Writing Traits: Sentence Fluency   helping your students "go deep" with sentence variety during classroom writing instruction

    • WritingFix offers a free template of Sentence Fluency Post-It sized notes. These can either be printed on orange colored paper and cut out and stapled to students' drafts, or you can--if you dare--attempt to print them on real 3 x 3 Post-It Notes.

    • The two most common English words that start our sentences? I and The. If you currently have a classroom of students, you know this to be true.

      It's such a simple lesson to ask students to revisit their drafts by circling the first words of their sentences, then asking, "Did you think about starting with a variety of words?" Most of them haven't thought about this, and the question becomes the catalyst for a new way to think about revising writing.

      Here is our current collection of prompts and lessons to challenge students to begin their sentences differently.
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