March 8, 2011

Organization: Ruth Culham

A poem about Organization from the 6 + 1 traits of writing: the complete guide By Ruth Culham


Ideas with focus and details galore. . .

In your head, on paper, on the computer, and more.

Time to think about order, how to get it down right,

There are so many options, you can get writer’s fright.

The ideas need purpose, direction and shaping,

Decisions on how will be all to your making.

Reason and logic, compare and contrast,

Detailed analysis or present to past,

Information you’ve given in just the right doses,

Events proceed logically – no hocus pocus.

Organization is the name of this trait,

From beginning to end and a middle, top-rate.

Transitions, pacing, sequencing, too,

There’s plenty to think out, lots of writing to do.

Five-paragraph themes may seem ever so neat,

But as a way to organize, they’re hardly complete.

Formula writing is nothing so hot,

Try writing with insight, freshness, and thought.

If you think that it’s easy, we’ll just see about that,

Getting it right is like herding cats.

The ideas are out there-now grab them and shake,

Good organization takes skill and imagination to make.

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