June 3, 2011

Barry Lane's YouTube Channel!

Barry Lane!
YouTube - Explode a Moment with Barry Lane

This is a terrific mini lesson from Barry Lane. He shows (not tells) how to explode a moment into a full page of rich writing. The visuals in this video will catch any student's attention. I've called this technique the Magnified Moment. It's also tied to the idea of using imaginary binoculars to really see the details of an event. Fun to watch, this video is part of "Barry in a Box", a book and dvd Barry is selling on his website: www.discoverwriting.com

A Horn for Louis, how Louis Armstrong found his passion. Great anecdotes about Armstrong, Marc Chagall, and Harry Houdini that lead to Kimmel's books. Children's author Eric Kimmel describes how to find your passion. More information about Eric's work at www.erickimmel.com.

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