August 22, 2011

NWP - Connect Join the National Writing Projects Social Network

The National Writing Project has launched a social network that all writing and reading teachers should consider.  At a time when writing and writing instruction is generally neglected it is important for all of us to find others who understand and share the vision of what a truly literate person can be.

NWP Connect: Don't go it alone!  Join NWP Connect! 

This is a new project for the NWP.  You have a chance to be an 'early adopter' as you connect with other writing teachers from around the world.

I discovered this site today. I'm in the process of setting up my profile.  10 years of teaching online lets me know instantly how important the new NWP Community can be. I believe in the reality of online community and the support of virtual writing teachers. All it takes is a willingness to share and think.

See you online!


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