January 25, 2007

Search Engine for 6-Traits Writing

I've been seeing a lot of search activity on the personalized 6-Traits search engine I set up at: http://six-traits-search-swicki.eurekster.com/

It's gratifying to know this tool is getting some use. I just spent 15 minutes 'training' the system. I added a few new terms to the 'Tag Cloud' of suggested keywords. Then I went through and removed weak results for the keywords 'conventions' and 'voice'. The idea is to tune the system to only retrieve results relevant to writing!

This search engine is build on the Eurekster server. Eurekster provides 'community powered' search. Users can promote or tag a good site, suggest keywords, and add new target resources.

Ultimately, the idea is to provide rich resources just a quick search away.

Drop by and give it a whirl! 6traits Search Swicki.

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