February 3, 2007

6-Trait Powerwrite

Folks I have no ties (other than admiration) to this product and company. I came across them several year ago and was impressed by the grassroots origins of this very clever Internet based approach to blending the writing process and the 6-Traits. You can tell this was invented and battle tested by a Middle School Writing Teacher. Anything that promotes writing instruction and the traits gets my vote. I'd stuff the ballot box for 6-Trait Powerwrite!

6 Trait Power Write™ is an online interactive writing process system developed by Leah Ames, a middle school English teacher from Leoti, Kansas, who created the system to help her students grasp the fundamentals of writing.

6 Trait Power Write™ is a web-based, interactive system for teaching the writing process to students in grades 4-12. The name "Power Write" is an acronym for the 10 steps in the writing process that the system teaches.

This exemplary product is made by Step Up 4 Learning Systems, Incorporated.

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