February 10, 2007

So many methods, ideas, and stories are flowing in the discussion threads!

The minds of the e-learners in my current online class about the 6-traits are the source of so much practical classroom wisdom.

I've got a diverse and very articulate group of educators from around the world discussing voice this week. From Primary Teachers to University Instructors... everyone has insight, methods and Eureka moments to share.

I've asked my class for permission to blog some of their posts.

I must walk a careful line here. We're building a very generous community in class. People are sharing and talking and helping each other think. I don't want to make them self conscious or have they worry that the blogosphere is looking over their shoulders.
On the other hand, there are so many nuggets of wisdom I'd like to share with the teachers of writing that read this blog.

We'll see!

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