July 29, 2008

Conferenceing for conventions

Be specific about what is working:

  • "You've used some lower case letters."
  • "I can see that you know that there are spaces between words."
  • "You remembered that I is always capitalized."
  • "Look at the capitals at the beginning of each sentence!
  • "You ended each sentence with a punctuation mark. That tells me how to read your writing."
  • "Wow! Quotation marks! Now I know when someone is speaking."
  • "Look at this word. You heard the beginning, middle and ending sound."
  • "These words are all spelled correctly."

As questions to extend meaning:
  • "What mark would you like to place at the end of this sentence?"
  • "How would this sentence change if you placed an exclamation mark here?"
  • "Do you know the marks we use to show that someone is speaking?"
  • "Which words do you think you spelled close to the dictionary spelling?"
  • "Listen as I say this word. What sounds do you hear?"

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