July 29, 2008

Northern Nevada Teacher In-service Courses Centered around WritingFix

The Northern Nevada Writing Program & Writing Fix (The best 6-traits website on the Internet) are offering in-service workshops. http://writingfix.com/about_us/inservice.htm

Here is a quick description of the workshops they offer:
  • Workshop: Using Picture Books as “Mentor Texts” for Writing Lessons
  • Workshop: Using Chapter Book Excerpts as “Mentor Texts” for Writing Lessons
  • Workshop: Using Literature Excerpts and Classic Poetry as “ Mentor Texts” for Writing Lessons
  • Workshop: Song Lyrics, Video, and Podcasts to Inspire Powerful Writing
  • Workshop: Writing Across the Curriculum Techniques: Wacky We-Search and Deeper Student ThinkingHere is the current listing for NNWP sponsored In-service Fall 2008:

Here are the Spring 2009 offerings:


Do yourself a favor: Attend one of these workshops and improve your craft!

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