August 3, 2014

Writing Process / 6-Traits / Web 2.0

Here's my stab at creating a poster that shows the relationships between the writing process, 6-traits, and web 2.0. ~ Dennis

Click here for a much larger version that you can use as a poster. (Warning it's a big file!)

Right click link to open in a new window. Then right click image for download options.

Do you agree with this view? Suggestions? Additions? Questions?

I'm listening! ~ Dennis

Teaching and Assessing Writing with the 6-Traits (Online Graduate Class).


Anonymous said...

You get a really interesting perspective when you start with a type of publication, and consider the processes and traits for that type.

For example, for Wikis, you first Draft, concerning yourself with Voice, Ideas, and Organization. Then, you Respond to peer responses and critiques. Then Revise, taking another look at voice, ideas, and organization along with word choice and sentence structure. Then Edit, paying attention to conventions. And, finally Publish, revisiting voice while also polishing the presentation.

I found that your presentation really lent itself to this type of thought process as well.

wiredinstructor said...

It's been a few years since I created this poster. I can see that I need to add Digital Storytelling to the mix. What else would you suggest?